"It is critical we elect people who can effectively manage resources, to not overextend our hard-earned taxpayers'  dollars, and elect someone who believes in financial transparency."

Schamerhorn has several topics on his plans for reform. Many of the challenges and issues voiced by members of this district can be traced back to one very important, yet highly-avoided topic by many legislators - Wasteful Spending. Schamerhorn believes it has become an epidemic and he has spent countless hours studying our government spending. The bridge to better education, healthcare, infrastructure (roads, bridges, etc.) and less taxes is hidden in the decisions of government spending. 



Other insurance concerns include access to affordable health insurance. As a father of a child with a genetic, terminal illness, we know this issue all too well. Our citizens deserve more options for affordable health insurance and to not be penalized for pre-existing conditions.

Rising Insurance Cost/ Tort Reform


Other topics for reform that have been expressed to a great degree are concerns over rising insurance costs and tort reform which would also drastically reduce the numbers of companies that are leaving Louisiana. Our current legislative choices have resulted in Louisiana having the second highest auto insurance rates in the United States.  

Industry and Jobs

District 24 is blessed with several industries - the most dominant being the timber industry. “It’s time this industry has the support and representation by someone who understands the intricacies of this field and someone who understands the many challenges and frustrations that could be alleviated by new legislation.”

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